The FLC News – Issue 3

Welcome to Issue 3 of the FLC News, MDM’s newsletter keeping you up to date with all the progress on site at the Fenelon Lakes Club as well as sharing some local community highlights and news.


Moving on Up!

Drywall has begun to go up at a rapid pace in Balsam house, along with certain amenities like fireplaces and gas rough-ins. Over at Cameron, our crews have begun pouring the concrete walls for the top floor, and are not far away from beginning work on the roof!

Exterior glazing and insulation is now substantially complete on the southernmost block of townhomes, and interior drywalling is scheduled to begin soon. Our carpenters have also almost finished framing the northernmost townhome block and will move over to the central block once complete.

The site is a hive of activity these days, with new milestones being passed every week!

Trivia Night!

Looking for a great mid-week activity that’s both fun and challenging? Head over to the Fenelon Falls Brewing Company for their Trivia Night happening every Wednesday! Gather your crew and put your heads together for a chance to win the grand prize.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Head over early to enjoy the regular menu and happy hour from 5:30-6:30 pm, and stay for the special Trivia Menu from 6:30-8:30 pm. Reserve your team online now for a night of drinks, laughs, and friendly competition.

2023 Market Recovery

In a recent column for the Financial Post, TMU professor Murtaza Haider has done a deep dive on Canada’s 2022 housing data and come up with some surprising conclusions.

Professor Haider looked at primarily at two key variables; the home price index (HPI) and regional sales volumes. Canada’s HPI is up 33 percent over three years, and 29.7 percent over five, and while sales volumes did decrease in 2022, Professor Haider points out that a large portion of sales in 2021 were transactions originally planned for 2022-23.

Professor Haider feels that a market recovery is likely for 2023, and with the data to back him up, its hard to disagree!