The Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Condo in Winter

It’s December, which means its officially winter in Canada. Being a home owner this time of year has its advantages, but being a condo owner is a great way to avoid some of the harshest parts of Canadian winters. At MDM Developments, we know condos, so we put together a list of all the advantages of living in a condo or apartment this winter.  

No Outdoor Home Maintenance  

When you live in a house in winter, you must consider the integrity of your exterior. Not only does this mean shovelling your driveway, front porch, and steps, but it also may involve roof maintenance (if too much snow collects on your roof). In a condo, your balcony may collect some snow, but typically not enough to cause alarm.  

Fewer Car Worries  

While some people can park inside their home garage and protect their vehicle from the elements, many condo owners have the benefit of underground parking to protect their cars, vans, and trucks from the harshest winter weather. Parking outside often involves scraping ice off your windshield, digging your car out of snow, or turning your car on to heat up before you drive, so parking indoors could save a lot of hassle in the wintertime!  

A Central Location  

Each MDM community is built to give homeowners prime access to local amenities (as well as some excellent built-in features). Most condominiums are in central areas with city or town mandated snow clearing services, so you can safely get to where you need to go.  

Save Some Money for the Holidays!  

Condominiums are the perfect compact living space! Each MDM built suite is created to provide homeowners with everything they need to establish their own space. Since new condos are designed with modern energy efficient windows, doors, and flooring, they are more easily able to hold in heat. Given their size and energy efficient materials, condos are much more cost effective than homes in the wintertime.  

Indoor Amenities  

One of the best parts of living in a condo is shared amenities—and often these amenities are accessible without leaving the comfort of your building! This makes it easier than ever to stay social, get fit, or, in some cases, even conveniently clean your pet in the dead of winter without having to trek outside.  

Winter in Canada is a wonderful time to experience all the fun opportunities to be found in Ontario. Living in a condo means you can safely lock your door and go out into the wilderness without worrying about outdoor maintenance, treacherous and ice walkways, or scraping ice off your car in the morning. You can also maintain your social life and enjoy living in a prime location where snowploughs and salt trucks can make leaving your home safe and easy. With MDM, you can be sure your home is made of new, hearty, and environmentally efficient materials, so you can enjoy some increased savings during the holiday season. If you’re considering a move, contact us to learn more about the many amazing savings, benefits, and opportunities you can enjoy when you live in an MDM condominium.  

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