Ground Breaking at Creemore Condos

We’re thrilled to announce that construction has commenced at Creemore Condos! Located in charming Creemore, Ontario, from the moment you step foot into this vibrant town, you’re sure to fall in love with its quaint boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and, of course, its signature brewery, Creemore Springs. Keep reading to get an update on our construction progress!

MDM Developments and company walk through the construction site of Creemore Condos in Creemore Ontario

Construction began on July 5th at Creemore Condos, on our two 36-unit, four-storey buildings. Our latest community will have all the trademarks of an MDM community and more, including indoor parking, a gym, a multipurpose room, and even an outdoor greenspace perfect for you and your furry friends to enjoy.

Image provided by Gerrit’s Engineering

The first step of the construction process for a newly built condominium is laying a strong foundation. For any type of building, residential or commercial, the foundation is the most crucial step, as it sets the stage for the longevity of your home. At MDM, we partner with construction experts like Bertram Construction, ISM Architects, and Gerrits Engineering to create buildings that are meant to last. The foundations at Creemore Condos have been excavated, preparing them for the next step in the process.

After the excavation process, the next part of the new home building process is installing the footings. Footings are created using a combination of steel rebar reinforcement and wood panels that work together to create a custom mould to pour concrete into. This creates a custom structure perfectly fitted to keep your condo standing for many years to come.

Over the next few weeks, our dedicated team of professionals will be working on the above-ground parking, as well as preliminary services for the building like sanitation, water, heat, and electricity. Construction on the foundation will continue until each piece is carefully laid, built, or installed. The buildings will start to shape the Creemore skyline and introduce more people to the beauty and wonder of Simcoe County.

MDM’s Founder, Doug Gray, is especially excited for this project to commence construction. A word from Doug on our recent groundbreaking:

“We are excited to reach this milestone at Creemore Condos and to be one step closer to delivering our purchasers their future homes. Being the only condominium development in historic Creemore, we pride ourselves in delivering a product that not only our homeowners will be happy with but that the entire community will be proud of. We look forward to providing you with updates as we progress through construction on site. On behalf of the entire MDM Team, we look forward to welcoming you home” – Doug Gray, Founder, MDM Developments

With construction in full swing, it won’t be long now before Creemore Condos are completed and ready for occupancy. Our future homeowners will love living so close to Creemore’s charming downtown strip, where they can find everything they need, from package-free soap to the perfect summer read. If you’re interested in owning one of the few remaining suites at Creemore Condos, click here.

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